Lost Pines Yaupon Tea (@yaupon)

The Buzz

Caffeine & Theobromine

Yaupon (YO-pawn) is naturally caffeinated. It's also rich in the related stimulant theobromine (from Greek "food of the gods"), the pleasure molecule familiar to lovers of dark chocolate. While yaupon contains less caffeine than coffee or tea, it contains more theobromine. This more balanced ratio gives yaupon its focused, jitter-free buzz.


Antioxidants & Beyond Organic

Yaupon is full of antioxidants, comparable to other superfoods like blueberries and green tea. Theobromine, found in yaupon, has been shown to lower blood pressure. Yaupon is also anti-inflammatory and has shown promise as a preventative of colon cancer. Since our tea is wildcrafted, it's beyond organic. No pesticides. No herbicides. No fertilizers.

Hugging Trees

Local to the U.S. & Sustainable

There's no need to import our caffeine from across the planet! We wild harvest yaupon from the Lost Pines Forest area of Bastrop, Texas, which experienced a massive fire in 2011. Drinking Lost Pines Yaupon is truly sustainable as we help reforest instead of deforest. Thinning yaupon helps the pine trees grow back and restores habitat for critters like the endangered Houston Toad.