Ray Brown (@raybrown)

From the results of being the son of a drummer, who is also founder of a popular 70's band, I held a pair of drum sticks before I was able to walk as a child. I've been the creative-type my entire life. It was in the 90's I discovered how to make music with a computer and share it on the World Wide Web with the world. Oh, those were the days... 

When I finally learned Blockchain, Bitcoin and understood the true potential, I've been on a quest to find ways to participate in this decentralized revolution. Discovering OB has piqued my interest in Bitcoin, once again.

I want to thank Chris Grimmet (@saveabit) for freely sharing his knowledge at his YouTube Channel which led me to having Chris set up this OB store.

I like tweeting about interesting articles and videos I find regarding bitcoin and blockchain related news. Feel free to follow http://twitter.com/nioctiB (nioctiB is Bitcoin spelled backwards).

Thanks for reading!