Open Source Photos (@humble)

I want to share my photography with the world with less hassle. That is the idea behind Open Source Photos. To me it brings joy knowing my work inspires others to smile/create/share/distribute/profit in some way.

Whether it is someone admiring my work from across the globe who never will see The Great Lakes, or someone who wants to take my images and profit by making some themes/t-shirts then re-sell them on the Bazaar or in their home town, it doesn't matter to me.

Using blockchain technology each image will have an link to verify the authenticity to myself. This means no matter how far/viral an image may get, it can always be originated to me.

I do not want to nickel and time people with 10 license options for one photo. This makes it too complicated and costly. Just buy my photo once, and you have permission to do whatever you want with the image, even use it commercially.

If there is any field/format you wish to have more image of of I.E. Textures/Nature/Model/Business/Office etc, let me know and I will do my best to accomodate. 

I will do my best at checking orders daily/creating download links/distributing digital files. It should take no longer than 24-48 hours. This will be streamlined much better is V 2.0

I finally have my VPS up and running stable with digital ocean and if you have any questions shoot me a message and I will try to help free of charge as I am by no means an expert. If you want someone to do it for you I'd recommend paying someone, otherwise I can give you the links and resources I used to teach myself. 

Enjoy the digital media revolution! - Full article on what I am about can be found