DownToTheWood (@downtothewood)

Selling wooden products created or designed by ourselves.  Therefore these items are not available anywhere else in the world.  Based in the New Forest*, in the south of England *The New Forest was renamed from 'Ytene' by William The Conqueror in about 1079, so it's been 'new' for the last 900 years.

We are also selling a few items that are not unique, but are at least very unusual. (Usually marked as 'not made by us'') 

Down To The Wood opened 23 years ago, and is still run by the same family: More than a shop, it is a celebration of the versatility of the trees that grow around us. A cornucopia of wooden products 19/08/2017 - We have removed all the moderators from our site as we have a number of sales where the customer has never marked the sale as recieved and each time the moberator is unreachable, so I have a number of sales where the bitcoin is in limbo.   If you are worried about purchasing from us without a moderator, please contat me and suggest a reliable one and I will use them.