I believe that the time for libertarianism ideas and the libertarian policies to be adopted as mainstream is close at hand. Our country and in fact the world would be a better place for it to be so.

How quickly these changes take place is up to us. I believe that the use of a free currency(bitcoin) is one of the best ways to move in that direction. I believe that OpenBazaar is an important part in popularizing the use of bitcoin.

This first video is just a warm up. I like the man and his message.

Andrew Napolitano - The Story of Money


Although this video is animated the message is important.

The American Dream - Understanding Money and the Banking System


Very long but thorough history lesson of money. Watch in chunks.

<u>The Money Masters - Full Documentary (1996)</u>

I'm not sure how much of the above is 100% accurate, but there seem to be a consensus on facts. The truth is  we are still having wars and still having crashes and the banks are becoming richer.